Electric Nacho Machine

Electric Nacho Machine

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Rico's High performance cheese & chilli dispenser. 

That's right Australia, Muchos Nachos are proud to bring you the electric nacho cheese dispenser.

Love nacho cheese? Like anyone doesn't!  Then this machine is for you.

It heats and dispenses our famous nacho cheese sauce all day long, absolutely perfect for anyone with a food truck/van or take-away restaurant/cafe doing things like hot dogs, chilli dogs, cheesy fries, chilli cheese fries and of course nachos!

These machines are quite compact and require minimal power (only 220w, unlike a microwave which is about 1000w).

You simply pop in a bag of cheese, press a button and gooey melted warm nacho cheese sauce comes out.

They have 3 buttons which can be adjusted to suit any serving size offering you 100% portion control.

Each machine comes with a 12 Month Return-To-Base Warranty and a free bag of cheese to start you off.

Our American chilli can also be used in this machine too, you can run either cheese or chilli.